Rehearsal Plan SONGBIRDS 04.10.21

We’ll start with some ludicrous warm up no doubt….xx

‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’ we’ll go again through the harmonies and the harmonies in the verse. I think this one will be very nearly done by then and the Nightingales are also doing really well with it. Brilliant work everyone.

After last weeks attempt at Creep, I’d like to have another go at it please. I’ll run through the harmonies. When we are unsure of what to sing we tend to sing quieter and slide flat which is what happened last week. It’ll be an easy fix so don’t stress about it.

Let’s have a lovely sing of some rousing stuff…

Mr Brightside!

I’d like to work again on ‘Vienna’ as I feel this is really near to being ‘finished’. I’ll run all of the harmonies again with you.

‘Read my mind’ we’ll go from the top on this one with those ooohs for the lower voices. I’m loving the sound on this one thanks everyone.

Now that everyone has warmed up etc I’d like to have a go at this:

Anyone with a TikTok account and wants to film it is welcome!

I’d love to sing through ‘Paradise’

and have another go at ‘The best day of my life’

After this session, your next session will be 25th October as we break for a week for half term. By then, we’ll be making a start on Christmas songs!!! (just a little start)

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