“Thank you for lifting my spirits this rehearsal…. something about singing your heart out makes my day!” – Emy

“We have a fun in rehearsals whilst learning the songs and harmonies (without needing to read music). However we always work hard to create an amazing sound and performance that both we and the audience really enjoy and are moved by ☺️” – Yvette

“Is our choir run “in accordance with convention”? Well, as everyone else has mentioned, yes and no! We have a choir master, separate parts to learn, a uniform of sorts, regular rehersals and fabulous gig opportunities. We might get ticked off from time to time, (communally – theres no finger pointing) but deservedly so, and with good humour! We all get carried away from time to time. But its a great opportunity to make friends, learn about yourself, feel part of a community and make a little magic happen! I have never come out of a rehersal wishing I hadnt bothered going, and Im gutted on the few occasions I cant make it. I strongly recommend they give it a go!” – Tracey

“Not exactly formal but everyone takes it seriously enough to WANT to learn the words and to WANT to be a good choir. It is a lovely atmosphere and everyone really enjoys it. It can brighten your evening and It’s lovely to be part of such a big group that blends together in one voice.” – Lorraine

“Formally informal! We don’t take ourselves too seriously but we are dedicated to sounding good! The perfect balance” – Clare

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for giving me a piece of me back this year. I joined in April, having had very little time for me since having my children, and now every single rehearsal I go home feeling invigorated and a thousand times better than I arrived. Singing is magic!” – Natalie