Rehearsal Planning 15.04.24

Yay! Welcome back! I believe it will even be light as we arrive at choir tonight!

I massively appreciate that 7pm is ‘book you parents evening’ at Comp – this will affect me too. If you need to arrive later, please do. I’ll be in the vestibule cramming appointments in so we’ll still start on time but I might not be available beforehand. Apologies it you’re a new starter!

So- I am still here on the website with the session plan for now – this is replicated on ChoirMate. If you; haven’t joined it yet, please do. we will be holding helpful Beryl sessions for anyone struggling tp access it.

Put simply, all of the rehearsal events, planning and audio files and lyrics are now held on the app. ChoirMate. It’s really good, much easier to navigate and I’m really pleased we are going to be using it. If you click on the rehearsal date 15.04.24 then it’ll tell you what the planned songs are! They will all be in Set Lists and Repertoire. If you want to have a listen to parts before hand, click on the songs and it’ll show you the parts by colour. Each colour section has the colour and a full mix in it. If you click on the new song ‘Blinding Lights’ for example, there are no audio tracks because. haven’t recorded them yet.

I’ve uploaded some of our back catalogue and will be adding to this as we go along. If we are planning to sing an old song, it will be there ready before rehearsals. As ever, you’re not expected to prepare unless you want to.

The transition over to the app fully I think will take until June. I want to make sure everyone is happy and can access what they need. So for now, I’ll keep up these plans on the website before they are phased out. Then once we are over the shock of change (I know how change can irk some people!) we can get on to the serious business of gigs, singing and laughing!

We’ll start with a warm up as usual.

We’ll start singing with a few old classics which I’d like to revisit. We may spend a little time faffing and re-learning bits we’ve forgotten.

We’ll have a break – Anyone with ChoirMate issues or who needs simply help to set it up, we will have a few people on hand to help. People who know what they’re doing! If this sounds like you – please make yourself know to be a ChoirMate Champion!

OK, new song for the summer term… This is new for everyone. We’ll have a sing through and a think about where it could go.

I’ll recap the harmonies for Valerie as they’re very simple and we’ll work on the energy!

We’ll go back over Royals again – love this one!

We’ll have a little break again – I’d like to see the new singers (class of 2024) and again, more help for ChoirMate if it’s needed.

We’ll finish with Martha’s Harbour and Castle on the Hill in our circle formation.

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