Where are rehearsals?

We meet fortnightly (ish) at Lutterell Hall in West Bridgford from 7.30.30-9.30pm. We rehearse in two halves because we have so many singers. The Songbirds and Nightingales are our two halves and they are made up of a balance of colour/parts. New singers are put together in the Nightingales section. Sessions are the same content for both groups.

How much are sessions?

Payments are spread over the full year at £15 a month which are paid online.

I‘m going to be away on holiday for a month, can I pause my payment?

No. Choir continues all year round and the £15 every month is your commitment to it. If you stop your payments you may need to wait until the next intake to come back if there’s space.

If you’ve special circumstances (illness/compassionate grounds) please talk to us.

Is there a register?

Everyone is asked to register by scanning the QR code. This doesn’t collect any data from you – it simply asks for your name and which part you’re singing. If you need help, anyone else can QR you in. It’s just to give us an idea of numbers and is helpful for health and safety.

What if I miss a session?

Rehearsals are recorded (audio only) and hosted on this website usually the next day. Or you can catch up with the other group if you’ve missed your own half.

How can I catch up with learnings?

Audio harmony parts are posted on this website – you can search for them either by song or by the colour you sing.

How do I know which colour to sing?

Reds are sopranos (the highest voices) then the yellows are altos (usually with the tune – a mid range voice) Greens are more altos (mid range but with a lower harmony) and the blues are tenors (the lowest part… for the guys and any ladies who have a low range. If you’re not sure which part suits you best, then give a couple a try and see how you get on!

Do I need to be able to read music?


Do I need to have experience of singing?


Do I have to sing at gigs?


How many people are in the choir?

Around 160 give or take a few.

I don’t use Facebook – can I still join?

Yes. All information is on this website. There are some additional social posts and polls which you’ll miss out on through the Facebook absence. Please make friends with someone who IS on Facebook and they can help you to make sure you don’t miss out.

I want to leave the choir, do I need to give notice?

No, but if you could just let us know you’re leaving that would be lovely. We don’t need a reason unless you’ve something you particularly want to share. It allows us to manage our waiting lists. Payments will stop immediately.