Rehearsal Planning 18.03.24 (end of term)

Last rehearsal before our gig an Binks Yard. If you’re not singing at the but want to pop along to listen on Friday 22nd March, you’re very welcome to do so. Not everyone feels ready to perform and not everyone likes it.

OK, we have some guests from East Leake tonight! Welcome! If you’re doing the gig, it might be worth thinking about doing this rehearsal without your lyrics…..

I’d like to start with a warm up and work on dynamics.

Can we take the red part on She’s Electric Please and get that ironed out. Then we’ll have a little bash at the tricky bits in Harbour.

Let’s have a sing through of the whole set list…

Viva La Vida

She’s Electric

Martha’s Harbour

Everybody’s Changing

Chasing Cars

Little Respect

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road


Sweet Caroline.

Little Tea Break…… then possibly a little bit of treasure….

We’ll do some circle singing for the second half (as I think the first half will be quite long)

I’d like to run a couple of other songs together but mostly Creep – which I think will be a thing of great beauty! Possibly Vienna if we have time….

We can also use this time to catch up on any songs for the gig which are showing any weakness. It might also be time to get the performing singers to sing to the others as an audience?! We’ll see how we go everyone.

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