Rehearsal Notes and Audio 04.03.24

Ahhhh a lovely rehearsal!

WBLS 04.03.24 Part 1
WBLS 04.03.24 Part 2
WBLS 04.03.24 Part 3

Well done for last night! Castle on the Hill is coming on well – bear with it. I think this is something that will go down really well at performances although I’m not expecting it to be ready for Binks Yard.

Martha’s Harbour and Harbour are sounding their very best. Brilliant work especially to the yellows. Loving the work on the dynamics. Next session if we try to sing without lyrics, you’ll be much more aware of my conducting the dynamics as well as what’s going on around you.

I’m loving She’s Electric and Everybody’s Changing! And was pleasantly surprised with Royals. Lovely singing everyone.

Next session in 2 weeks is the one before the gig (East Leake singers also coming) and then we break for Easter. We will still fit in 2 April sessions and 2 in May although they will be just a week apart as we navigate bank holidays!

If you wanted a little extra practice at all, you’re welcome to the East Leake Social on Thursday 21st where we will be singing the set list for the gig… which is…


Martha’s Harbour

Viva la Vida

Everybody’s Changing

Little Respect

Chasing Cars

She’s Electric

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

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