Code of Conduct

1. Rehearsals and performances should be approached with positivity.

2. For the overall comfort of everybody, please avoid attending in-person rehearsals, workshops, and performances intoxicated. 

3. If you aren’t well enough to perform, please don’t. If you need to be seated for the performance, this can easily be arranged.

4. Members should wear the designated Liberty Singers. t-shirt during a performance, along with any other specific items of clothing as stipulated by the choir director based on the nature of the performance.

T shirts may be worn at rehearsals. If singers are performing without the choir leading of Liberty Singer, t shirts and branded clothing should not be worn.

5. Members should respect the leadership of the choir director, all support crew and all other singers at all times.

6. Liberty Singer Limited maintains a zero-tolerance policy towards any form of negative, offensive, insulting, discriminatory or aggressive behaviour, whether written, verbal or physical, towards the company, choir members, choir directors, staff, choir representatives or members of the public will lead to that member being asked to leave the choir.

7. Communication between singers outside of the designated platforms are at the discretion of the individuals. Any unwanted communication or excessive messaging should be first dealt with by individuals and if necessary, reported to the choir leader. This includes direct or private messaging inside the designated platforms. This may result in singers being requested to leave the choir.

8. Members should not attempt to use Liberty Singer Limited to directly promote their own business to others towards financial/commercial gain unless it’s a specified ‘Business Day’.  

9. Liberty Singer Limited cannot be held financially responsible for injury or damage caused by a member’s misconduct or inappropriate behaviour.

10. There is no formal notice period for singers to give should they wish to leave the choir but we ask that they kindly let us know. It is not necessary to give a reason unless they feel compelled to do so. Failure to pay fees may result in singers being asked to leave the choir. If singers have financial concerns, they should get in touch with to discuss options.

11. All decisions made by Liberty Singer Limited are made for the overall enjoyable experience of its members and, therefore, are final.