About us

The West Bridgford Liberty Singers are an adult community choir. Meeting (roughly) every other Monday from 7.30pm-9.30pm at Lutterell Hall in West Bridgford, we learn and sing pop songs from across the decades. There are no auditions and no need for previous experience as everything is taught is an easy to follow way, by ear. You definitely don’t need to be able to read music as we don’t provide sheet music.

The Nottingham Albert Hall December 2022
Nottingham Panthers Ice Hockey Gig October 2022
MDBrunch Christmas Festival at The Tower of London December 2022
Singing at QMC Nottingham to support Mental Health Awareness – May 2022
Portello Lounge July 2022

The benefits of group singing are immense. There’s well documented evidence that singing makes us feel a bit better, but we believe that this is amplified massively when we sing in groups. The sense of community which we have developed with this community choir is amazing. New friendships have been made and old ones consolidated. There are families who come together to sing (my mum and dad are both active members!) There’s always a feeling of being ‘in it together’, whether this be when we are learning new material or performing in public. We are strong together and this has a value for all of us.

March for Ukraine – April 2022

Join Us – September 2024