Rehearsal Planning 04.03.24

March?! Already!?? Yikes!

Let’s have a warm up.

OK, I’m wondering if we can get Castle on the Hill ready in time for Binks Yard. Let’s give it a go! Remember last time we went through this rhythmically to help us understand where the words fell and where to emphasise bits….

I’d also like to run at Viva la Vida and Chasing Cars as we are planning to sing these too.

First break – do take the opportunity to mingle and talk to people from the other sections. There will be an opportunity to order t shirts and hoodies too. Could I see the guys at the break to go through the harmonies for Martha and Harbour please.

OK, back in the room.

And can we just revisit this one please….. I still love it…. it may need a bit of tinkering……

We’ll have our second break please. Can I see the new singer from 2024 in the vestibule!

OK, chairs away and lets get stuck in with She’s Electric

And a grand finale song……. this has been deemed the final song at the Binks Yard gig with all the choir singing it together. Soz.

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