Rehearsal Audio and Notes SONGBIRDS 04.10.21

WBLS Songbirds 04.10.21 Part 1
WBLS Songbirds 04.10.21 Part 2

What a rainy and horrid evening! Thank you to everyone who braved it (including A NEW MAN!!!) – here’s what we got up to:

Boom said the cat was the warm up.

‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’ – we went over the harmonies again including the chorus and both verses. It sounded really lovely in places! Thanks for all your hard work on this.

‘Creep’ – we went back over each of the harmony parts (which I’ll put on the website – they’re not complete, they’re in little chunks because it’s back from the days when I used to sing snippets into my phone before we had a studio to do it all properly). The parts don’t move as much as you think they might. I’ve posted the Creep video tutorial on the Facebook group in the announcements if anyone wants to have a look at that – it shows you on the piano how little your notes are moving and is great if you’re a visual learner.

Anyway, I thought it sounded quite lovely so well done xxxx

Marijke spoke to us in the tea break about the defibrillator and how to use it. This week is SADS week (sudden arrhythmic death syndrome) and I think we all agree that it’s vitally important that we understand the difference we can make if ever in a situation where we need to use a defibrillator and/or administer CPR.

After our break we sang ‘Mr Brightside’ (we needed to cheer Gillian up – she was sat on her own!) Cracking song and nice to hear it again.

We went over the harmonies again for ‘Vienna’ and listened to the verses with the special little splash of green harmony.

‘Read my mind’ – we completed all of the harmony teaching with those oohhsss underneath the tune. Reds, you did particularly well remembering your parts without being taught – well done.

‘Mika – Grace Kelly Harmony Challenge’ Hilarious. That is all. But massive shout out to Sophy for braving the highest part of all!!!!!

We finished with ‘Paradise’ which was a rousing end to our rehearsal. Thank you all and remember, your next rehearsal is Monday 25th October as we have a break for half term after the Nightingales session.

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