Rehearsal Audio and Notes NIGHTINGALES 27.09.21

Nightingales Zoom 27.09.21 PART 1
Nightingales Zoom 27.09.21 PART 2
Nightingales Zoom 27.09.21 PART 3

Here’s what we got up to!

We warmed up with the bongo song just to get us all going. There were a few new people still starting and there are a few more to come. I will be doing some massive recruitment for MEN in the next couple of weeks as we have around 10 between the two groups and I’d like more, just to balance our sound. If you know any men who you think would join us, do get in touch!

‘Sweet Disposition’. When we sang this last week I realised that there was a whole chunk of harmony missing in the chorus, so we went over that from the start. Remember, the harmony parts are split into 4 with the greens taking the same note ‘stay’ and the turquoises taking ‘there’ and the blues taking the descending four notes blow that (pinks are an octave above the blues). I’ll go through it again next time but the difference last night was amazing just from spending a little time on it. I know people are re-learning this because it’s been a long time, for some people it’s brand new and for some of you, you’ve moved colour so it’s new for you too. I was really pleased with it – so well done! Next time we’ll go over that extra bit of harmony in the low section nearer the end.

‘Everywhere’ – always a quick win with this song.

‘Heaven is a place on Earth’ – oohhhhh that was trickier than I remembered! This was a song from term 1!

‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’ – we spent a long time on this learning ALL of the harmony parts. We recapped the chorus (amalgamating the greens and blues into one part) We remembered this well from last week and it sounded lovely. Well done Vicky who managed to sing the pink part on her own over everyone else and still be heard!

We went over the 2nd verse harmonies which are low – the same part for the greens blues and purples. We also had a go at the 3rd verse harmonies which are highs (reds and pinks). All sounded really lovely so well done to all of you.

‘Hold my hand’ another throwback! I think Emma enjoyed this the most!

‘Vienna’ we had another run through of the chorus harmonies. There’s such a power in this song and you’re really doing it justice. We also had a go at the whole song which has a really gentle feel to it. You can pick which octave you sing in. There’s also a lovely little bit of extra harmony in the second verse just for the greens! You lucky things!

We had a little time to spare (unheard of I know) so we had a go at the Mika Grace Kelly Harmony Challenge in 6 parts which is all over you tube at the moment.

NOBODY wanted to attempt the really high part – I don’t blame you at all!!!

‘Pompeii’ we finished with this and then realised that we really hadn’t ever done much work on it at all! I think I confused it with Paradise!!

Thank you as ever to the Dream Team Vicky and Lucie. Lovely to have Tim Allen from BeVox along as our guest tonight – well done for behaving. Great to see some of you on zoom too! Got to say that the cat at the end really made it for me so thank you Simon and Emy!

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