Rehearsal Notes and Audio 22.01.24

Oohh what a fab rehearsal! We got loads done! Lots of great work on Harbour and our latest Liberty Banger, She’s Electric – so lovely to let the blues have the tune!

We’ll be working more on both of these next time as well as making a start on Martha’s Harbour.

WBLS 22.01.24 Part 1
WBLS 22.01.24 Part 2

The audio recordings from last night are purely for anyone who wants to catch up or recap. It’s not a demand – it’s your choir and your time. If you’re planning to sing at the Binks Yard concert in March and you’ve missed rehearsals, please do catch up! Gigs are always optional.

You can also access the separate harmony parts through Singer Resources if you wanted to hear your part again.

I will still be teaching She’s Electric and Harbour really thoroughly so don’t think if you missed this session that you’re at a disadvantage. You’re not. I usually teach like this at least 3 times to make sure everyone is ready with the song – more if we need it, less if we don’t. This is why I only plan one session at a time for you.

The energy last night was brilliant – especially going back over those old favourites which you did marvellously. I’d like to re-teach some of Viva la Vida as well as Chasing Cars ready for the concert in March with the East Leake choir.

Thank you for your commitment and joy last night.

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