Rehearsal Planning 05.02.24

Here we go again! Exciting stuff!

We’ll have a warm up as ever and work on tuning. I’m very keen that we can address tuning and pitch troubles without anyone feeling it’s personal, directed at ‘them’ and that it’s OK! We are rehearsing. Pitch things go wrong – I know this from all the recordings I do!

I’d like to recap the harmonies on She’s Electric and see how it’s sounding please!

Then, let’s go over the harmonies for Viva la Vida – one from our archives.

A nice early first tea break – please may I see the BLUE men! I’d like to get us singing at the pitch which suits you all – it’s something I did last week with the guys at East Leake and it worked really well.

OK, back in the room and our focus song for tonight is Martha’s Harbour. The harmonies are really in the chorus – the verses are all in unison (or octaves apart from those who want to sing lower).

Let’s have a sing through of Suburbia…..

And a little more work on Harbour please.

Second tea break. After this, let’s get rid of the chairs and hash through the harmonies as a recap for Chasing Cars which is another archive classic.

Oohhh and let’s use this circular format to sing through…

And Everybody’s Changing.

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