Rehearsal Planning 22.01.24

Welcome back and welcome to any newcomers this week.

We will be having some sort of warm up as usual before we get started. I’d like to start with a really old faithful song… and I am planning for us to sing this at the Binks Yard gig.

It’s largely in unison but there are a couple of wafty harmony parts which we’ll come to later.

Then, let’s spend some more time working on Harbour.

Sheet music is unusual for us….. don’t get used to it!

We will move on to have a sing through of Castle on the Hill again – just to keep it simmering…

We’ll have our first break. I’d like to see the new singers from last time and this time. I’m still on my mission to learn everyone’s name and I want to make sure everyone is OK.

More learning now – this is new for everyone so we are al in the same boat. She’s Electric shares the tune around a bit. It’s low so rightly the lower voices have the verse tunes and the yellows and blues the chorus tune. I’ll explain as I go!

I’d like to re-cap and teach Creep again please. I know it’s a Liberty Banger and again, it’s one I want to perform with again.

Another little break. We might need it after that lot!

We’ll have our final half hour without the chairs, in different standing places and integrating singers together. We’ll do some work on listening and blending and sing a couple of favourites…..

Let’s run Viva La Vida and Sweet Disposition

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