Rehearsal Planning 23.10.23

Ok, we have a small amount of catching up to do, but we have plenty of time to do it.

We’ll have a warm up and then I’d like to go through Cold Heart please. We’ll see how it sounds and we may need to pull at some of the harmonies.

Let’s do a little bit more on Royals please. We need top go from the second verse where there’s harmony.

And breathe…… let’s sing one we know really well!

Little tea break for 10 minutes….

Let’s have a crack at Carol of the Bells. It’s really important to listen to the parts and allow others to listen to the parts as opposed to singing along with them. This is how we’ll make better progress. We’ll polish and love this song.

I’d like to have a good pick at White Winter Hymnal too – the oohs section was iffy last time. We can fix this.

Another little break please.

OK, Stay Another Day – sounding really lovely so we just need to polish the dynamics and make it polished.

Let’s have a good bash at O Holy Night – it ls lovely and it’s only in 2 parts but it’s quite tricky!

Could we please have another go at Somewhere only we know.

And we’ll end with… Vienna!

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