Rehearsal Notes and Audio 23.10.23

WBLS 23.10.23 Part 1
WBLS 23.10.23 Part 2

We had some really lovely moments tonight – loads of songs are coming together and some of them are creeping along. I think we got more done this time because we listened more carefully to the parts. I hadn’t intended to spend so much time on songs we’d already learned, but they needed the attention. Please do catch up if you’ve missed sessions and are planning to perform.

I appreciate that I’m pushing hard on a couple of songs especially Royals. If we can nail it, it’ll be sooooo impressive! It’s not beyond us, it really isn’t. It’s very close and I’ll continue with it.

We’ve got 4 rehearsals until the big concert. Yikes! I did say I’d add in an online sectional rehearsal for anyone who wants it – watch out for the event set in the Facebook group. I’ll record it and give everyone access to it.

Lots to celebrate. Stay another day is sounding beautiful. Can’t wait to hear that in a church! (and on a green, a in a pub). I thought Cold Heart made quick and great progress. And I especially loved O Holy Night this evening. What a lovely finish xxxx

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