Rehearsal Planning 22.05.23

Right, now I’ve ditched the songs you’ve not enjoyed singing, we can get back to business!

A quick whip through Viva la Vida as we are singing this at the event on the 29th…yes, just a week away…..

Let’s work more on Space Man

A little rousing bit of Green Green Grass to wake us all up…

Little break – chat to your friends etc…..

I’d like to hear Don’t Shut Me Down and see if we need to work on any little parts of it….

And have a go at One day like this please….

Let’s go back and revisit True

Another little break xx

Can we have a go through the harmonies on Sweet Disposition as a few of them have been forgotten…

Let’s try this…. Yesterday

And I’d like to finish with Everybody’s Changing.

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