Rehearsal Notes and Audio 22.05.23

Again, there was something in the air last night! An energy and a love. Thank you all. Sorry about the audio at the start – amazing what turning your computer off then on again can achieve…..

WBLS 22.05.23 Part 1
WBLS 22.05.23 Part 2
WBLS 22.05.23 Part 3

We started with a little work on movement – getting rid of the ‘drunk mummy swaying’. Feeling the beat and moving with it looks great when we get it right – and we do!

Viva la Vida was rousing as ever – well done. It didn’t degenerate into a football chant! We worked a little more on Space Man for the verse sessions with the oohhhss and ahhsss for the reds and green/blues. Sounding really lovely. Next time we’ll go through the final chorus which is slightly different and then this one will just need polishing here and there. We sang through Green green grass which was fab.

Don’t shut me down was brilliant! Thank you Wendy! We sang through One day like this then paused to go over some of the harmonies – this was well worth it! A little reminder is a great thing (I can’t expect you to remember every single harmony to every single song!) Fabulous curtain throwing too.

No time for True this week but we did work a little on Sweet Disposition on those harmonies which sometimes get lost (turquoise). Again, really worth spending the time on this as it sounded fantastic.

A brand new song…. Yesterday in 3 part harmony throughout. It’s hard when you know a song so well to sing an alternative harmony line so don’t worry if it takes a while to settle with you. The bit we did do sounded really good – I’ve not heard it sung before by a full choir so thank you for that!

We finished with Everybody’s Changing which AGAIN is topping to Facebook poll. You do this beautifully. Amazing!

See some of you on the 29th for the cricket gig and hopefully the rest of you on Monday 5th June for some singing and cake…..

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