Rehearsal Notes and Audio 15.05.23

WBLS 15.05.23 Part 1.
WBLS 15.05.23 Part 2
WBLS 15.05.23 Part 3

Apologies that the sound isn’t at it’s usual quality – I’ve reset the mic for next time.

What a fabulous rehearsal! I loved the energy you bought, I loved the 13 male voices! I loved David’s solo on Space Man and I know there were a couple of songs which were less loved….!!!!

One of the most interesting bits was addressing the over singing in Everybody’s Changing – (still the favourite btw) – when we were in unison singing the chorus it sounded quite heavy and a little shouty – as soon as we went into harmony this disappeared. (12 mins 37 in part 2). It’s difficult when we are excited and know a song well to remember that we are a CHOIR and need to be SINGING IT in a projected way as opposed to just being loud. We totally nailed this – well done.

Spending a little time on Creep was brilliant – just polishing those forgotten edges (I include myself in this by the way) and it was so worth it to get that final result!

Next session is next week! We’ll definitely be working more on Space Man and getting ready for gigs which are looming. Monday 29th May being the one I’m really conscious of!

Thank you ALL!!

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