Rehearsal Planning 15.05.23

ooooh I’ve missed you all! We’ve made such a good start this term and I’d like to keep this going. When I’m ready to start, I’ll raise my hands – this is the sign for you to wind up your conversations and bring your attention to the room. Thank you.

Right, let’s get cracking with a warm up…..

I’d like to start with a quick win sing through of Yellow Brick Road…. just to get us back into things.

Let’s make a start on Space Man which I have finally arranged for you! It’s in just 3 parts x With a solo line top and bottom.

Another lovely song through of Only Yesterday please

First tea break! A little 10 minute interlude to catch uo with your friend. Please feel free to mix between colours!

I’m sticking my neck out here with another go at Hall of Fame – let’s take the chorus sections and see how they sound.

We’ll have another sing through of Everybody’s Changing as it appears to be the favourite at the moment!

I’d like to sing something news….. yikes…see if we like it….

Tea break 2……

I’d like to pick through Creep again a little bit. We sang it three weeks ago and it was marvellous but people said they still felt unsure of the harmonies. Let’s give it another go.

And let’s resurrect this beauty and see what we can do with it!

Back down to Earth to finish with Dear Darlin’

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