Rehearsal Planning 09.01.23 (Birthday Celebrations – new singers please join next week)

It’s an evening to come and celebrate! Get your choir merch on and bring your biggest smiles and voices. Our fab choir launched 5 years ago (nearly today). We’ll be reminiscing and Notts TV will be filming. Here are our songs……

And just because we did actually sing this on the first night….

And this was very early on too…..

Let’s have a break and some cake!!!! Tonight’s breaks will be longer as we’ve missed each other. (Well, I’ve missed you anyway) xx

We have some treasure at teatime!!

And then….more old favourites…

Do you want to hear the new songs for next term? I shall play them to you……

And we’ll finish with newer favourites…. which I might ask you for suggestions on the night…..

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