Rehearsal Audio for BeVox Gig 12.12.22

12.12.22 Part 1 (start missing – sorry)
12.12.22 Part 2 (Tim teaching Spaceman and details about the day)
12.12.22 Part 3
12.12.22 Part 4

Please arrive at the venue between 10.30-11am on Sunday via the main entrance – wheelchair access will be sent out by email.

You’ll get a break 2-2.45pm – please bring your lunch with you! It’s a really tight day. We’ll line up ready to go on stage at 2.50pm and sing from 3-4pm – then there’s an interval which is likely to last half an hour and then back on for 4.30-5.30pm.

Thank you ALL for your total commitment to this event and all the preparation I know you’ve done.

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