Rehearsal Planning 16.01.23 and 23.01.23

Nightingales first on the 16th with new singers and then Songbirds on the 23rd. The songs we sing will be roughly the same!

We’ll start with a sing through of all of the new material after we’ve done a warm up. New singers, please sit where you like for the start and I’ll move you around after the first break.

Roughly, seating from now on will look a bit like this….


Break 1 – New singers in Nightingale please come and catch up with me and and I’ll explain things and welcome you properly. Everyone else, feel free to chat to new people especially if you’re sitting with people you didn’t sit with before.

And now the work will begin!

We’ll start working on ‘Giant’. The harmonies are all in the shared drive which can be accessed by the Singer Resources Section on the website. The tune for this song is held by the greens and blues mostly. We’ll start on the chorus as usual and see how far we get.

A bit of light relief….. let’s sing something we know! (unless you’re new, then you may well not know anything….but you will…..)

I’d like to go back over a song we started before Christmas but didn’t get very far with. Again, the harmonies are all on the website.

Break 2. We’ll have another little break. An opportunity for you to ask questions of me, or the Beryl’s.

Let’s work on a new song again…. ‘Woman’. The harmonies will be on the shared drive by the day of rehearsal.

I’d like another sing through of ‘Green green grass’

And we’ll finish with a couple of Liberty Bangers. New singers, you are VERY welcome to come to the front to listen – it’s a very different sound from the one you hear from your seat.

I’ve over-planned – we might get to sing everything and we might not. I’d rather have more songs ready than less.

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