Rehearsal Notes and Audio 04.12.23

WBLS 04.12.23 Part 1
WBLS 04.12.23 Part 2
WBLS 04.12.23 Part 3

Oooh you were fabulous last night! So much to like about our songs.

There are a couple which still need attention and for this to happen, you’ll need to do this at home. Notably Royals and a bit on Cold Heart. We won’t be note-bashing at all any more we are on to nuances, dynamics, happy faces and performance enhancement for both the Baptist Church concert and the Portello gig.

The mad half hour worked really well again – thanks for embracing it again.

Much nagging about not talking between songs and starting on the first note, with the right note. I wrote a blog about intros just the other week. Watch the sssss sounds pleassssse!

Cold Heart – the shoo rahs are amazing and sounding lovely….

Royals – there are really lovely moments in this! Need to tune in well on the I’ll rule section please! The second time through is much better than the first. The ahhh section comes in weakly and needs to be strong please.

Valerie – I think we’ll just do some random dancing around for this- it sounds fab on the recording and I can hear the energy in your voices! Hoping the audience will join in with us.

Vienna – I could cry listening to this. I’ve got headphone on and it sounds absolutely beautiful. I’m delighted with all of you!

Everybody’s Changing – this one went down so well this year. It’s sounding lovely – do have a listen and hear for yourselves. I know it’s very low for the green ladies x Make sure you come in strong on that last ahhhh before the final line.

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road – consistently top of the poll. Reds watch the pitching at the end of the first chorus – just needs a little brightness. Love the harmony in the second verse with the low half harmonising.

White Winter – always a winner. Massive thanks as ever to the clapping ladies. Blues just watch your line on the ooh chorus section. Everyone else needs to come in stronger here – just watch me I’ll give you plenty of notice as to when to come in.

Carol of the bells – we went over the green part as there was an errant harmony…. it’s all OK now. Reds, make sure you come in bang on for the second time round – watch me, I’ll make it very clear. Love the yellow oohhh ahhhhh section. End section you must watch as I’ll slow down at will. I want to finish it as brilliantly as we can – the rest of it is lovely – so lovely.

Stay another day – this is the best I’ve heard it. Well done everyone. We just need to keep it really bright so it doesn’t drag.

Underneath the Tree – love it. So much energy and smiles! I’m sure the audience will love this one.

Somewhere only we know – just a quick whip through the last line of the section. Sounded really good even though we were singing shot gun and mixed up. Love the difference between the two verses in terms of the depth of sound. Watch the ssssss please particularly on tricky words like ‘place’. And poleaxe learn the correct words……

O Holy Night – so lovely. Nice to hear the other parts you’re not used to as we wandered around!? This will sound so beautiful in the church. Can’t wait.

Away in a Manger – also a delight.

Last Christmas – sorry I’m too close to the mic with the bells. I think I’ve got tinnitus now. Anyway – a joy lovely run through as always.


And, the guy from Lutterell Hall said it sounded amazing and his buddy wants to join us next year!

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