Rehearsal Planning 04.12.23

Now it’s getting seriously good fun!

I’d like to run the non-Christmas songs first – literally one after another. We’ll do them by batch and they not to degenerate into chatting between every song (please).

Then we’ll chat about these songs, find any sticky bits and sort them out. I won’t be note bashing through these any more – I’ve taught them thoroughly several times and the audio has been made available.

Same thing – find any sticky bits and sort out at the end of the three songs please. These will be sung at the concert with East Leake.

Little break – I would encourage you to get up and move about – let’s see if you can find someone you bumped into last week during the mad half hour!

Now the same thing with the Christmas songs.

Any sticky bits to work through? Same ideas apply – I won’t be note bashing each part. The learning bit should be done and focus is now on performance, dynamics and smiling!

We’ll then split into groups in Hal;f and sing the last 4 song to each other – like last time.

Next week we meet again and the East Leake Singers are coming too. I’d like to make this a social event so the bar will be open and I’d like to propose we bring snacks and nibbles to share. Not a 3 course dinner, just a few bits and bobs. We’ll be spending some time at that rehearsal moving around like we will for the concert. If you’re not singing at the concert, do please still come along! We might do a little bit of singing to each other’s groups etc.

See you Monday x

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