Rehearsal Notes and Audio 17.07.23

WBLS 17.07.23 part 1
WBLS 17.07.23 part 2
WBLS 17.07.23 part 3

We rattled through LOADS of stuff last night! Thank you for your patience. Cold Heart is ready to perform next week (catch up if you missed it!) and if you go to the end of the first part of the recordings you can hear it. Good work everyone.

Yes, I was picky at times, but it’s worth it. You respond brilliantly. Thank you. Check out the part 2 recording for Yellow Brick Road at 31 minutes. I stopped you all because you were shouting and you can really clearly hear the difference when we started again. That’s proper choir work right there.

We’ve had a really brilliant term – thank you all.

We are back singing on 11th September and we have a handful of spaces for new singers which I’m opening up to choir friends rather than advertising publicly.

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