Rehearsal Notes and Audio 17.04.23

WBLS 17.04.23 Part 1
WBLS 17.04.23 Part 2
WBLS 17.04.23 Part 3

I wonder if the energy we felt in the room last night translates into these recordings…. We had THE BEST rehearsal! There was a renewed sense of purpose, a high level of engagement and thank you ALL for allowing me to get through so much material. Have we ever learned a 3 part song in one night!? In part 2, scroll through to 25 minutes in the hear ‘Everybody’s Changing’ in its total glory! We’ll be working on this again next week (YES! Next WEEK! Please check the term dates)

So, we sang through our three new songs (Hall of Fame, Space Man and Everybody’s Changing). We always do this at the start of term just to get a feel. We worked on Everybody’s Changing after the break as you can hear. We sang Sweet Disposition (check out Twitter for the little video clip! @libertysinger73)

We also worked on Only Yesterday – I thought this would take a while but actually, it didn’t. It sounded really lovely! Check out the acapella audio at 10 minutes on Part 3 of the audio recording! The Vienna recording is at 32 minutes and again, this was a really quick recap for it to sound marvellous!

We finished with 3 show-off songs. Lovely songs we are really very good at. Dear Darlin’, King and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.

Anyone else take ages to get to sleep afterwards!????

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