Rehearsal Notes and Audio 13.02.23 (Nightingales)

WBLS Nightingales 13.02.23 Part 1
WBLS Nightingales 13.02.23 Part 2
WBLS Nightingales 13.02.23 Part 3

Lovely to see you al last night and a handful of Songbirds joining us. The new seating seemed to work really well – I could see and hear you and the sound system pointed the right way – I hope you all found the same.

We worked through a lot of stuff – you did really well with it! We didn’t get through everything so we still have stuff to do.

The most notable change was ‘Woman’ where we out the greens with the yellows – it was too low for the ladies xx Huge thanks again to Barbara for taking the ‘Don’t shut me down’ solo ! x

No choir next week! I’ll see the Songbirds on Monday 27th February.

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