Rehearsal Planning 13.02.23 and 27.02.23

So, the break for half term now no longer falls in half term – this is to accommodate Lutterell Hall’s commitment to sanding and revarnishing the listed floor. If this stuffs up your plans, do please come along to the alternate rehearsals where possible.

Nightingales 13.02.23

Week off 20.02.23

Songbirds 27.02.23

Nightingales 06.03.23

Songbirds 13.03.23


Portello Gig 27.03.23.

So, what I’d like to do now, moving towards the gig, is really get to grips with the new songs and the more recent songs. I’ve decided to make the Portello gig a mini version – quality over quantity. This will also give us time to socialise on the night before we break for the Easter holidays. So, in no particular order, the songs we’ll be working on are:

And possibly one more….. I’ll poll opinions……

If you’re new, you can search for the harmonies on the website or in the shared drive. It’s not essential to prepare outside of rehearsals but if you’re planning to perform, then please do. Especially if you miss rehearsals. There are plenty of Beryls who can help you find things if you’re stuck.

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