Rehearsal Notes 28.11.22

My apologies – there is no audio from the session. Amongst the list of things that went wrong last night, my microphone recorder was just one of them. I’ll try to be brief about what we did!

Somewhere only we know – gorgeous. We finished the ahhh section and it sounded really lovely. It’s RERADY! We will be singing this at every gig and as our feature song on Sunday at the Tower of London. I think the conducting videos helped here sop thanks for watching them.

Winter Wonderland – I taught the red harmony – it’s on the shared drive. Apologies for the wrong lyrics.

It’s these – and I’ll replace the file on the shared drive.

Underneath the Tree was good – lots of energy and laughing. I feel with an audience this will only ever get better. We recapped the harmonies (they are on the shared drive and there are conducting videos for this)

Main tune
Green AND Blue x

Wr re-ran the harmonies for Away in a Manger – sounding really quite lovely x

Last Christmas – we went over the harmonies for the reds – keep your eyes on me – I’ll show you all where it comes xx

Last Christmas Red Harmony

2000 Miles – we changed the middle 8 section ‘2000 Miles, I;ts very far in the snow, I’ll be with you, wherever you go’. The GREENs have the tune here. It’s from the 2nd version of the sing which we recorded virtually last year with the the choirs. It’s at 1 minute 36

2000 Miles Choral RED
2000 Miles Choral YELLOW
2000 Miles Choral GREEN
2000 Miles Choral BLUE

White Winter was FAB! I love it! And massive thanks to our clapping ladies for keeping us in time.

Carol of the Bells is still giving us a few problems – tempo for a start. We slowed it down and it really dragged so we sped it up – sorry reds. It’s very nearly there and will be totally fine for our performance on Sunday.

O Holy Night – still slightly uncertain around the ends of the choruses which we went over again.

When a Child is Born – we skipped over the teaching again we did it last week. It’s all on the shared drive for you.

Thank you for your everlasting patience. It actually turned out to be a really productive rehearsal aside from the things that didn’t work (the hall not being open for a start!).

I must ask again that you PLEASE be respectful to your other singers in terms of chatting between songs. I know many of you are talking about the actual singing but if I’m talking/teaching and you;re talking to, the people around you can’t focus properly and it gets tiresome for everyone, not just me. Thank you to everyone who has sent messages of support to me xxx (and for Jackie Shears for taking me out for a well earned Pornstar Martini!)

We are back on Monday 5th ready for some treasure at teatime! We’ll also be going over some of the other songs ready for the Portello gig as well as polishing for the BeVox concert.

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