Rehearsal Plan B – 05.12.22

I’ll be running the session one colour at a time. Gong through parts, sticky bits etc.

So we’ll go 2000 Miles to Away in a Manger. Break, then see how that was. I’m assuming you’ve all got these Christmas lyrics now?

We need to work on ‘Hark the Herald Angels’ which only has a high harmony for the Pinks which I believe they already know. We’ll soon see…..

Then let’s go Somewhere only we know into Winter Wonderland.

I’d like to for straight through White Winter, Carol of the Bells and When a Child Is Born. If there are any sticking points, we can iron them out here and now.

Then Last Christmas and Underneath the Tree. I’d love to ham these two up a bit please. Nothing to serious but some classic 80s feeling!

If there’s time…..

Now I’d like to run the songs for the Portello Gig which aren’t Christmassy.

I plan to do these first at the gig, so if you’re new and unsure, you can sit these out, or join in the bits you want to or sing from the audience. If you’ve never done a Portello gig before, it’s informal, fun and we love it. It’s not like the BeVox concert. An one is welcome to come and if you plan not to sing, we’d love you to come along and listen!

I’d like us to sing Dear Darlin, King, Don’t shut me down and Vienna. Possibly Spectrum….. we’ll see…….. Oh and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road….

Rehearsal PLAN B

7.30-8pm BLUES

8-8.30pm GREENS

8.30-9pm YELLOWs

9-9.30pm REDS

If this goes ahead, you are welcome to attend your own and/or everyone else’s to sing your part against it. Get together in groups at someone’s house and do it together as a colour or as a rainbow. I will record them and make them, available afterwards. But I’m hoping to run a proper in-person session if I’ve stopped coughing and am testing negative (and stop feeling like rubbish).

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