Rehearsal Planning 26.09.22

I’d like to warm up with ‘Peace and Love, Strength and Hope’ which I’ll teach to you all. It’s a lovely little song appropriate for our challenging times.

The registration QR code gives me some lovely data! Check this out!

This tells me that we too many yellows and not enough greens. I’d like to ask if you’re a yellow and you’d like a challenge for the NEW songs, could you please join the greens? You can seat yourself somewhere near the aisle so that you can flit between the two parts.

I’d like to have another go through ‘Dear Darlin’

And work again on the chorus and make a start on the verses please. There are a few little new bits – Dom doms for the blues etc.

I’d also like to work on ‘Spectrum’ please.

We’ll have a little break.

Back to business.

I’d like to work more on the harmonies for this for the yellows. Don’t forget that many yellows have gone over to be with the Greens for this one. (because the greens have the tune. For once)

A sing through Green green grass

And a chunk of work on another new song King

Happy ending – Let’s bit the bullet and allocate the parts!

And we’ll finish with something from the dim and distant archives….

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