Rehearsal Notes and Audio 05.09.22

Oohhhh what an exciting night! I think we had around 130 of us singing (the registers say 101. One day they two will tally!)

WBLS 05.09.22 Part 1
WBLS 05.09.22 Part 2

Apologies that the end of part one cuts off before ‘Don’t Shut me Down’. Technical error.

Tonight we welcomed some singers back as well as some new ones with a couple of new ones who have registered but will join next time. The doors are now closed for new singers until January 2023.

We started with the usual warm ups then sang through two the new songs ‘Green Green Grass’ and ‘King’. These have yet to be arranged into parts but we have plenty of other stuff to keep us going. We went back and worked on ‘Demons’ starting with the harmonies for the chorus. It’s important to get the emotion right for this one!

All of the audio files for this term can be downloaded from the Sharepoint drive HERE.

You are not expected to prepare before sessions unless you want to. Nor are you expected to catch up with missed rehearsal UNLESS you are planning to perform with us. If that’s the case, you may need to spend some of your own time brushing up on harmonies and details.

Then we did a bit of showboating with ‘Don’t Shut Me Down’ which was, as ever, totally brilliant.

And on to ‘Vienna’ – we ironed out the issue at the end easily and went through the parts for the chorus again. Sounded totally lovely and I was delighted that many of you remembered the instrumental section parts (which took soooo long to learn!) Great work, lovely sound. The clip I filmed is everywhere and gathering many many views. You can’t share it from our Facebook Membership Group but you can share it from the main public West Bridgford Liberty Singers Facebook group.

Finally, on to a totally new song. ‘Dear Darlin”. We worked n the chorus again as it’s the same each time and we also had a listen to the full song. The harmonies are on the Sharepoint drive HERE if you’d like to recap at all. This song is doing well in the polls on Facebook and I think it’ll a total winner once we’ve polished it.

I’d massively mis-timed the session so we sang ‘Happy Ending’ and ‘Always on my Mind’ as opposed to working on them. We finished with a rousing rendition of ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’ which just made everyone smile.

Thank you all for your dedication, love, friendship and voices. See you on the 19th when Notts TV will be coming to do a bit of filming. If we could wear as may choir t shirts as possible, that would be marvellous! We have some t shirts still for sale but will be putting a new order in this term.

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