Rehearsal Planning 20.06.22

This is the final rehearsal before the Prom gig. Please try to make it if you’re planning to sing at the Proms.

I’d like to spend the first half of the evening working on little bits and then do a straight run through for the full 45 minutes. It’s important you know what it feels like to singing standing for that length of time. I’d like to do the run through with NO LYRICS please as this is what we’ll be doing on the day.

This is the set list in this order

Sweet Disposition

With or without you


Don’t shut me down

Little Respect


Read my mind

One day like this


Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

We’ll start with the newer stuff please.

I’d like to keep going with Vienna to start with as we are sooooo nearly there with the harmonies!

I’ll need to teach the red solo line for ‘Spectrum’ as it’s not the same as it was before.

I’ll post in the Facebook group to see if there’s anything anyone particularly wants to go through in terms of details.

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