Rehearsal Audio and Notes 13.06.22

WBLS 13.06.22 Part 1
WBLS 13.06.22 Part 2

My apologies – I totally forgot to press record on Part 3. So it’s missing. I’m very sorry.

Thank you to everyone who attending this extra rehearsal. I feel that we are very much ready for the Prom gig. For those of you who missed the information, our time has now moved to 4.30pm so we’ll be meeting at 4pm behind the stage on the day. All of the information is on the events page or else you can ask your lovely section leaders for any details you might have missed.

We talked a lot about blue lights tonight. And blue fairy lights. Please have a listen to the recording if you don’t know what on Earth I’m talking about!

We started with ‘One day like this’ at the back of the song with the curtain throwing and then recapped those harmonies on ‘it’s looking like a beautiful day’. It’s sounding really lovely and I think it’s ready to go!

We moved on to ‘Creep’ which I think might be the best we’ve ever sung it. Really well done. Little break and then we had the pleasure of listening to Sophy singing ‘Sweet Love’ as our treasure at teatime! You can catch this at the start of Part 2’s recording. Really lovely and not an easy song to sing! Well done Sophy xxx

Moving on to ‘With or without you’ – I thought we might need to teach some of this but it was really good. A very wistful sound which is just what we wanted.

‘Vienna’ – I know you’re all sceptical but it really is getting there! Check out around 29 minutes in the Part 2 recording. We’ll be attempting this at the Portello gig….

Another short break before we had just a sing through of ‘Only Yesterday’ with the backing vocal harmonies then on to ‘Spectrum’. I neeeeeed the energy from this one! It’s very, very nearly there.

We finished with a rousing rendition of ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’ which soared high into the ceiling and topped the poll as usual.

It was lovely to be joined by Louise who traveled from Devon to rehearse with us as she’s coming to sing at Proms in the Park! Louise is Kath’s Aunty and joined us online during the lockdowns. So lovely to have you with us xxxxx

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