Rehearsal Planning Monday 9th May 2022

Here we go! Some old stuff, some new stuff and a little bit in-between…..

Warm up first.

Let’s start with a rousing rendition of Just Like Heaven

If you like sheet music, this is one of the few that has some!

I’d like to work again on Vienna please – I’ll take this much slower! We can DO IT!! (There might also be sheet music too)

Let’s have another go at Human – we need to get this one nailed ready for the cricket gig.

You can access conducting videos for Human via the website or through the link below

Little tea break – I’m still looking for singers for THURSDAY 12th MAY at QMC please! You can bring words! We’ll sing lockdown mixes with backing tracks! I’ll make it really easy for you all xxxx

Let’s make a start with our NEW SONG

While we are up there in the sky…

I’d like a quick sing through of the new Carpenters song but we’ll work on this next time (I’m aware I bit off more than I could chew for the last session)

Let’s have a blast though Creep

And to finish on a massive high….

Might we be able to squeeze this in?

Looking forward to seeing you all ! xxx

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