Rehearsal Notes and Audio from 25.04.22

WBLS 25.04.22 Part 1
WBLS 25.04.22 Part 2

What a FANTASTIC night! Huge thanks to everyone who sang with us. Here’s what we got up to….

We started with a warm up and then we got stuck straight in to ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’. Ooohhh it was a thing of beauty! Do have a listen on the recording if you get chance. (about 6.45) The harmonies for this and conducting videos can be found on this website if you use the search function. Or click here

We sang ‘Chasing Cars’ (beautifully) and also ‘A Little Respect’ (fantastically)

‘With or without you’ we did a little bit of teaching. It’s an arrangement I’ve altered from a ladies choir in Belgium and it’s quite beautiful. The audio parts are here if you feel you’d like to catch up.

After a short break we welcomed The Liberty Vocal Coaching Programme Verse 4 singers to the stage for their rendition of ‘Memories’ by Maroon 5. These 8 singers worked with me over 8 weeks in person to develop their technique and confidence in singing. I couldn’t be more proud of them all. Well done guys!

‘Sweet Disposition’ raised the roof – as ever! Option to catch up below – it’s one of our favourites so it’s worth learning!

‘Human’ needs a little bit of work but I liked the end section where the back half took the ahhssss and the front half continued with the words. Nice work. This is a song we’ll be singing a lot so for catch ups, here’s the link.

We started to drastically run out of time! Yikes! So we skipped some bits and went on to ‘Don’t shut me down’ – I think we all agreed that Wendy did a fab job with her solo xxx Amazing! (Part 2 around 8 mins 40) We need to tidy this up and clip the ends of phrases – it was a bit draggy in places but this is an easy fix xx

We romped through ‘The Fear’ and went on the a hilarious bit of teaching for ‘Vienna’. The new instrumental section teaching was slightly slapdash on my part so I’ll go over it properly next time. I promise. I’ll also rebalance the audio files for you and get them on the website this week. I might even get it typeset….. we’ll see.

We ended with announcing our two new songs coming for the next rehearsal. ‘Spectrum (say my name) by Florence and the machine and ‘Only Yesterday’ by the Carpenters.

Thank you all and well done to our brave new singers xxxxx

Photo credit Ali Johnston x

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