Rehearsal Plan Monday 25th April 2022

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for…. the return of EVERYONE TOGETHER!

We have Ali Johnston taking photos so if you’d like to brush your hair, please do. Let’s wear our choir T shirts…..! There will be some for sale on the night or else wear what you like – it’s not a deal breaker. I’d also like everyone to have a name badge on. I’ll bring some stickers and pens but if you already have your old badge (and you can find it) please bring that!

Doors are at 7.15pm and registration is by QR code – if you’re struggling ask someone to help you. Please bring your own refreshments for the little breaks BUT the BAR WILL BE OPEN from 9.15-10.00pm for anyone who wishes to stay and chat afterwards. We also have TREASURE AT TEATIME! You lucky people!

Here’s the planning….

Let’s start with a Big Bang with one that we know well.

I’d like to run through ‘Chasing Cars’ as we are singing this on Saturday 30th April at the March for Ukraine

Chasing Cars Online MASTER

Looking at the poll, it would appear you’d also like to sing this again…

Little Respect Online MASTER

And I’d like to re-teach this…

With or Without You

We’ll have a break and a chance to meet each other and introduce our new singers.

Another Liberty Banger please…

I’d like to have a teach on ‘Human’ as we are singing this at the cricket….

Human WBLS Online MASTER

I’d like to run through ‘Read my mind’

Read my mind

Let’s have another lie down and some treasure at teatime….

Then straight back in with ‘Don’t Shut Me Down’

Don’t Shut Me Down Guide Master

And ‘The Fear’

The Fear – Rehearsal audio

Vienna- I have created something to fill the middle bit. Finally!

Can we squeeze this in…

Just like heaven (Online MASTER)

And we’ll finish with ‘Creep’

Creep (rehearsal audio)

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