Rehearsal Notes and Audio 09.05.22

Oooh I was panicking tonight when I realised I’d forgotten the mic to record everything…. thanks to my dad for popping home to fetch it for us! My apologies that Just Like Heaven isn’t recorded! We start half way through the re-learning of ‘Vienna’.

WBLS 09.05.22 Part 1
WBLS 09.05.22 Part 2
WBLS 09.05.22 Part 3

‘Vienna’ went much better than last time! – It’s coming together really nicely – I’ll put the audio files up with the sheet music when it’s totally finished.

We sang through ‘Human’ (for the cricket gig). The sound when we get to the choral section is amazing! Have a listen!!! Part 1 18 minutes in. xxxxx

In the tea break we had some treasure in the form of the Liberty Las. We met as an acapella group nearly a year ago now and have spent a very long time learning Abi Moore’s 6 part arrangement of ‘Saltwater’. They did themselves and me proud x Well done ladies!

In Part 2 we started our new song ‘Spectrum’. It’s not easy but once you’ve nailed your part it’s very repetitive. Again, I’ll pop the audio up for this tomorrow so you can have a listen. REDS did beautifully with the tune! Really well done x

‘A Little Respect’ went down a storm. Such energy! Some dancing! Lots of smiling!! I’ve posted the video on Facebook!

We sang through ‘Only Yesterday’ as I’m still working on the arrangement…. but the GREENS have the tunes for this – along with some of the yellows……

‘Creep’ was glorious even though we had the wrong backing track but you all followed BEAUTIFULLY and nobody would’ve ever known!

We finished with ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’ and ‘Don’t Shut Me Down’ with the usual beautiful solo from the legend that is our Wendy xxxxx

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