Rehearsal Planning for 7th and 21st Feb 2022

Please remember there’s no choir on Monday 14th February as it’s half term.

I’d like to revisit the Wellerman as our warm up. It’s ages since Debbie taught this to us online so I’ll go over it all again.

I’d like to make a really good attempt at ‘Uptown Girl’ this week. There’s a lot going on in it so I think it’ll take a while but I’m looking ahead now to performances and thinking what will be good for our audience.

Let’s have a sing along to one of our old online songs – again, I think this might get resurrected…..

Tea break, catch our breath, catch up with our singers…..

The on to further into the song….

I need to teach the low harmony to the greens and blues for Ordinary World next

Another tea break…….

Thinking ahead to performing, let’s spend a bit of time on this….

And let’s finish with these two….

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