Rehearsal Notes and Audio from 07.02.22

May I first apologies again for the drop out in the internet connection which meant the online provision was substandard. I’m talking (again) to Lutterell Hall about how we can make this better for our future.

Consequently, there are 4 parts to the audio….

WBLS 07.02.22 Part 1
WBLS 07.02.22 Part 2
WBLS 07.02.22 Part 3
WBLS 07.02.22 Part 4

We started with The Wellerman as a warm up – thanks again Captain Debbie!

We made a good dent in ‘Uptown Girl’ which is not easy. There a lot going on for the reds, greens and blues while the yellows hold the tune – luckily we had LOADS of yellows last night! It’s a great song to really sing out to (without sounding like you’re at the Forest match). Thanks for your patience – it was a tricky long slog.

We sang ‘Read my mind’ along with our recording which made my heart sing. Love this song. It sounded great and I could feel a lot more energy from you all.

We had a performance from the ‘Liberty Belles’ at the tea break ‘How long will I love you’ which was really lovely. Well done ladies.

‘Don’t Shut Me Down’ went well again. It’s really taking shape! Tonight’s duettists were Barbara, Wendy, Laura and Simon! Really brave of you (some of you again). I think this is going to be one of our anthems. We worked through the verse this time and the intro ooohhhhs. You can find these harmonies on this website by using the search function. It’s all carefully labelled and categorised. I’ll be continuing to teach slowly over the next few weeks.

‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’ was an absolute triumph. Another Liberty Banger. I’ll be taking the time to run through these harmonies again but for anyone who wants a go, there are you tube conducting videos of this here on the website.

‘Ordinary World’ we recapped the chorus harmonies and learned the low section for the verse which is an unusual harmony. Thanks again to Jo for picking this out and recording it for me.

We finished with ‘Human’. It was amazing.

The energy is changing…. can you feel it? There were more people, more volume and a greater sense of happiness tonight. This could be the very start of Spring and people starting to feel more confident and happier about being together. I’m delighted.

The reaction to our next gig was brilliant – I’ll be talking about it more very soon!

Thank you all.

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