Rehearsal Plan NIGHTINGALES 11.10.21

We’ll have a warm up…..

I’d like to start with ‘The Air that I breathe’ from the archives!

Let’s have a sing through of ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’ as this one is very nearly finished.

I’d like to work on and re-teach the harmonies for ‘Creep’ please. It’s mostly in 2 parts with a smattering of pink in the final chorus.

I’d like to work again on ‘Read my mind’ getting to grips with the harmonies in the verses

We’ll sing ‘Paradise’ just for the sheer fun of it

I’d also like to start working (again for some of you) on ‘Adventure of a Lifetime’

Checking what we learned last week on ‘Sweet Disposition’

Let’s finish with something we know really well…..

‘Chasing Cars’ the original version

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