Africa Harmonies

This arrangement is in 3 parts (with additional rain blessers at the end – they can be heard on the full ‘all parts’ version only. They are subject to interpretation of the individual/group rain blessers….)

Africa – ALL PARTS March 2020

The parts for this are named differently to the usual colours. This is to protect my own sanity – I’ve spent years calling these parts these names so I thought I’d simply carry on! I taught this with my two school colleagues Helen Jackson and Melissa Khan about four years ago. We grouped the children by the teacher they were following and led the piece with all three of us conducting.

Africa – Jackson March 2020

Very roughly, ‘Jackson’ is the main tune. It’s for the REDS. (the highest voices)

Africa – Olsen March 2020

‘Olsen’ is the middle line and takes most of the tune but breaks away for the chorus as all the parts do. This part will be made up of the YELLOWS and half of the GREENS. (or the middle voices)

Africa – Khan March 2020

‘Khan’ is the lowest part but it really isn’t that low at all. It does have some slightly trickier harmonies in the second verse but nothing that’s beyond you all. This will be made up of the BLUES and the other half of the GREENS. (the lower voices)

Now do you see why the parts have different names!?

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