Rehearsal Notes 09.12.19

Oohhhh you lovely festive lot! We had a really lovely rehearsal starting with Maria’s ‘breath of joy’ warm up – put us in a really gentle mood didn’t it!?

We did ‘Dreams may shine’ as a warm up but with really long slow notes to use the lovely breath we’d just worked on. The went on to ‘The Air that I breathe’ as again, this is lovely and breathy.

The track tipped over into ‘Honey Honey’ and just for the hell of it, we sang the too! It’s actually sounding quite lovely! (5 minutes in)

Keeping this theme, we sang ‘Viva la Vida’ but not as you know it – we took a string version of the song and sang our existing harmonies over it. It was quite lovely! (8 minutes in)

‘Creep’ was it’s usual wonderful self this week but we had new guest pinks! Well done to Janet and Sarah who took on the challenge with no warning at all. (15 minutes)

We thought we ought to sing some Christmas stuff as we do have a gig on the 15th and 19th – so we went through ‘I wish it could be Christmas everyday’ which is our new song for this year. Lovely sound, especially the red section where they sing the children’s part – well done. (22 minutes)

‘The Fairytale of New York’ went quite well – we worked on the chorus section sounding very choral in contrast to the rest of the song. Lovely work on the harmonies this week. (28 minutes)

Rehearsal Part 1 09.12.19

We spent a lovely long time on ‘White Winter Hymnal’ making sure it’s sounding tip top. We thought about making it really clean and clear – really emphasising the articulation and making it sound sweet and lovely.

First request tonight was from my Mum – ‘Sweet Disposition’ (14 minuets) – great sound as always – I’m planing to sing this at Portello on the 19th because we are REALLY GOOD at it!

Lucie’s choice was ‘A Little Respect’ which again was great. I love the way the lower harmony comes through – thank you guys. (18 minutes)

We sang 2000 miles because we like it (23 minutes) we just need to balance the chorus section slightly by having a little more volume n the red/yellows and slightly less in the aaahhhhssss from the blues/greens.

Becky has been to every single rehearsal EVER! Her choice was ‘Sleigh Ride’ with all of the bells. (29 minutes)

I chose the last song by opening the folder at random…… ‘The Fear’ finished a great rehearsal. (33 minutes)

Rehearsal Part 2 09.12.19

Thank you to this week’s team Nicky, Tore, Janet and Lucie. Thanks to everyone who donated to Rebecca’s Friary collection.

Next week is our last rehearsal of the year! Its’ a bit of a social and a bit of singing and I’ll be releasing the new songs to you and telling you which songs we are keeping xxxx

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