Rehearsal Notes 11.11.19

Last night, rainy and nasty as the weather was, loads of you turned out to sing. Thank you.

This is what we got up to!

Warm up – AEIOU – ha ha ha!!!! This turned out to be trickier than we thought! Great for using different mouth shapes and creating different sounds x 

Shooting Star warm up – lovely dance moves. You really do move well together!

Paradise- with Richard Owen Williams on guitar – this really didn’t get going until the middle so I’m going to move it on the set list as we really ned to keep the energy up throughout. The harmonies sounded great and the live guitar worked really well.

Just like Heaven – loved this version with Richard Owen Williams again. Sounded really great and I can’t wait to do this one next week!

If you leave me now – harmonies remembered well and sounded lovely. Remember the emotion of the song – we need to really feel it! Lovely solo Richard Owen Williams

The Fear – loved it. Remember that our introductions are the START of the song, not a chance for you to finish your chats. We need to be ready especially on this as it’s hard to feel the beat due to the lack of drums.

September – you are so much better at this than you think you are. I’ll get some audience participation going as well x

Linger – so lovely with our yodelling ladies! We haven’t sung this for ages and it still sounds beautiful x

Demons…….. good effort and if we had time to practice, I think it could sound great. But we are out of time and so I’m replacing it on the set list (released later today)

Tea break – thank you to our fabulous bakers, especially Alona M Ashkenazi who dropped her cake of despite the fact that she wasn’t singing! 

Huge thanks to my fabulous team Janet Merryweather Janet Dobson and Lucie Gregory – can’t do it without you all x

White Winter Hymnal – I’m going to look at reworking the bottom blue part as it’s simply too low. You can just about get the notes out but not at the volume required – we will return to this. Well done to the other three parts for keeping your lines – we are a step closer every time we sing this.

2000 Miles – just because we love it!

Last Christmas – just because it’s sometimes a bit ropey near the end. Thank you Sharon for glockenspieling (is that even a word!)and for Lucie Gregory who is taking on that role for the Switch on.

I wish it could be Christmas every day – easy peasy.

Who Knew – we recapped the red harmony – I’ll tag it in the group again. Sounds lovely when it comes out, Well done blues for your bit.

Creep – beautiful. thank you.


I have noticed a few people creeping their way on to the lists even though I’ve clearly marked them as full! I would love everyone to sing, I really would but we are constrained day space. If you’d like to come to the switch on and haven’t marked yourself attending, please do come along and support us from the audience – sing your hearts out! (Just so you know, I get a notification every time anyone marks themselves attending so there’s no sneaking in. ‘Interested’ is nothing more than a book mark for yourself – I never count them)

I’m not taking on any more Christmas gigs now. I simply can’t squeeze them in with my other commitments and family life. You are welcome to go singing in other guises at events but I need to be very clear that if you do this, it is not under the ‘Liberty Singer’ brand. That brand is specific to me and my work. So, no T shirts either (but let’s face it, its coat weather now isn’t it!?)

Thank you to all the people who tolerated my nagging last night and are marking themselves in the event for next rehearsal. Because of the issue with the events, I’m copying them and putting them at the top of the group so you can all access them and mark yourselves ‘going’. This helps me be the very best organised self that I can be for you all.

It’s 8pm at Portello Lounge next Monday wearing black bottoms and WBLS t shorts (or a plain black top if you don’t have one)

Part 1
Part 2

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