Rehearsal 28th October 2019

Thank you all for coming along to sing tonight! This is what we got up to….

  • Warm up – Superman. Classic. You’re all brilliant.
  • Sleigh Ride – great run through. We went through all the Ringalingalinga bits for the yellows. It goes VERY high for you ladies and you did brilliantly.
  • Do they know it’s Christmas – we went back through the harmonies. The Reds have some high harmonies which we recapped and at the end, the reds and yellows sing their higher ‘world… let them know it’s Christmastime again…….. world’ and the greens and blues sing ‘world… let them know it’s Christmastime… Feed the world’ etc If you’re confused, have a listen to the rehearsal recording.
  • Winter Wonderland – this had a lovely feel to it and sounded great. The reds have most of the harmony in this one and it sounded beautiful.
  • 2000 Miles – still sounding amazing just like last year. There were ahhhh parts for the blues and greens. They all start on the same two notes then split off with the blues going low and the greens going higher. We sang this really gently which was just as to should be – thank you.
  • When a Child is Born – fabulous. Thanks Robert Litchfield for speaking in tune! The red violin part in the last verse was great. Greens, your little harmony on the end of each verse sounded perfect.
  • Merry Christmas Everybody – lovely.
  • I wish it could be Christmas everyday – first run through of this and sounded really good. Just keep it nice and choppy xxx
  • Last Christmas – ooh a favourite! Just need to polish the edges on this one. And get the jingle bells out.
  • Tea break
  • White Winter Hymnal – we took this really slowly and went though each part carefully. We’ll be doing this again probably more than once. Just remember how long it took us all to learn Creep and this will be similar. I was delighted with progress and can already hear how it’s going to sound when you have practiced more. I can’t wait.

Thanks as ever to my team – Nicola NormanTore NormanJanet Merryweather Janet Dobson and Lynn Slater

Part one of tonight’s rehearsal 28.10.19
Part 2 of tonight’s rehearsal 28.10.19

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