Rehearsal Monday 30th September 2019

Thanks to everyone who braved the rain and came out to sing tonight! Here’s what we did….

Warm up – we tried some long breathing notes….. this was great preparation for our first song. We also tried to make the different long and short sounds.

Toffee – long sounds (Legato)

Skittles – short spiky sounds (staccato)

Maltesers – somewhere in-between!

The Air that I Breathe – we had a lovely run through of this – remember there’s only harmony in the chorus and it’s just for the reds. It’s really important to breathe right from the bottom of your tummy for this one and if your running out of breath (getting a wobbly voice) to just stop.

September – we went through this again and put some harmony in. So the GREENS sing the ba de yah de yah de yahs in the chorus during the second time. You can pick your own octave during the chorus as it’s quite high. Good run through – this will just need a bit more work then will be ready for the tea.

California Dreamin’ – we had another long discussion about parts and I apologise for biting Janet’s head off ☹️ I am a grumpy old moo. It’s call and response, starting with green/blue and responding in 2 separate parts red/yellow. At the end, the green/blues take a line and then the red/yellows, back to the green/blues and then we finish together. We will get chance for another run at this next time x It sounded great and is such a classic! Well done.

Chasing Cars – it was brilliant. I know it always is. We just picked through a harmony part which has got lost – right at the end when the pinks sing “All that I am” the reds should still be singing their old red part then. So we get 4 parts. It’s something that has been sliding for a while but I’d like to reinstate property. We really felt the emotion in this tonight – fantastic x

Tea break – thanks to my team Janet Merryweather Janet Dobson, Lucie Gregory Nicola Norman and Tore Norman for their everlasting support and help. Lucie Gregory will continue to sell bags and will be taking t short order at the next rehearsal and the one after that – so don’t worry- you haven’t missed out!

Creep – we had a go through al of the parts again which was a great refresher for us and well worth doing for the new members who are having to take as AWFUL lot in very quickly – well done for keeping up! We even did a bit of acapella which sounded great xxxx Lovely lovely sound when we ran through at the end.

Sweet Disposition – I can really feel the energy in this song – brilliant x

Just Like Heaven – this is potentially on the set list for the afternoon tea but I’ll need to hear it again with the actual singers as I’m not sure we’ve still got it. There are LOADS of supporting videos and audio files on this so please, if you’re singing at the next event, do please have a listen and familiarise yourself with your part.

If you leave me now – sounded really lovely – again, the harmonies are online for you to catch up x

So, we have just one rehearsal until the next event, The Dementia Afternoon Tea – Victoria Elder spoke about this after the tea break and will do a separate post about it. For the choir part, I need to know how many singers we have as this helps us plan tables and space for the actual people drinking the tea. If you’ve not already marked yourself attending in the events section as a singer, please do. I will put the set lists up this week – they will be subject to change of we can’t manage any of the newer songs with less people. See you next time!

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