I will try to Fix You….

Fix you workshop
A truly lovely way to start the week!! I had 38 voices for my Fix You workshop (part 1).We made a lovely sound and got lots of tricky harmony stuff done. Delighted that my ‘huddling technique’ worked so well!
What I also liked and made a note of was that the ‘new’ singers (people who didn’t already attend the West Bridgford Liberty Singers Community Choir) integrated so beautifully – seamlessly. I am always proud of the sense of belonging and community we get from our choir and to see this shared was lovely.
I also enjoyed the fact that some people chose to sing a different part to the part they typically sing. It’s a fab opportunity to try something a bit different, sing in a different range and even to sit with different people. I know that the altos had a RUBBISH part to sing and was at great pains to tell them that WE CAN’T DO IT WITHOUT THEM!!! They are the stability needed for all the fancy stuff to be able to work. We love the Altos.
I know that some people find that choir helps them with their everyday stresses and strains of just normal daily life, and this comment on our Facebook page is a perfect example of this – thanks for allowing me to share it.
“I nearly didn’t come last night. I arrived a frazzled shell, stressed to the eye balls and awfully close to tears with frustration. I decided on balance that I was no use to anyone so it was either stomp off to bed or go for a sing. Even my addled brain knew there was a chance I’d feel better for a bit of a sing. I went home positively serene and have woken feeling much more suitable for Human Consumption. I do believe you ‘Fixed Me’ 😊😘”
I believe that singing together has the power to fix all of us. It allows us the time and energy to fix ourselves.
Have a listen to our audio recording – it’s halfway to finishing and this after just 90 minutes (minus a bit for our tea break!)


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