Rehearsal Audio 11.12.23


Oohh how lovely to be together and song together! It was a good idea to do this before Saturday giving you all an idea of what to expect without giving everything away!

The singing is marvellous and the blend of sound was really good This was important for me to hear so thank you for that. Well done WB for sorting out those tricky songs that I know we’ve struggled with. Congratulations for the Belles for nailing their really complicated repertoire. Big up to East Leake for their singing – I know we didn’t get through all of your material but we still have 7.30-8pm on Thursday to sort out the last remaining bits before the social.

If any of the West Bridgford Singers would like to come along to the East Leake social on Thursday, you’re very welcome! 8pm at the Pavilion on Costock Road. Nibbles by the singers and the bar is open much like last night.

On Saturday, we will have a little time to run a song or two per choir. The main focus will be getting you on and off the stage area efficiently. Part 2 at 29 minutes – you can hear how noisy we are joining etc two choirs together and it needs to be quieter. This is the time where I’ll be addressing the audience – I won’t take up loads of time more to fill the gap where you’re moving around. I will need your concentration and support for this Saturday. Thanks advance.

It’s a big deal putting on a concert of this scale to a paying audience and it’s the first time we’ve done it. I’m incredibly proud of all of you for embracing the project, rising to the occasion and getting stuck in. I think last night was great for supporting and appreciating each other and I hope you’re all looking forward to Saturday as much as I am.

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