Rehearsal Planning 20.11.23

A mixture of Christmas and not this session but all towards the concert at the end of the year.

We’ll have a decent warm up.

Let’s go through Everybody’s Changing. It’s really, really good but I know a couple of you wanted to do more work on it (from the poll)

Deep breath as we take on Vienna again. It’s the blue solo I’m missing so I’d like to spend a little time on that – might even bus in a few greens to help with it – it needs power and might!

Vienna BLUE

Let’s go through Yellow Brick Road just because we haven’t for a while. I want to keep it bubbling along.

First tea break. I might take a colour out to the vestibule like last time just to make sure they are secure in their parts.

OK. Royals. Oh yes. We will nail this!

Let’s also totally nail Cold Heart.

And Valerie….

Another little break – another opportunity to work with a section if necessary.

OK, Stay Another Day is already sounding much more full of life and wonder so let’s keep that moving.

We’ll go again with White winter Hymnal please.

And we can finish with some of the other Christmas songs we know and love.

I’m really delighted with you all. It sounds like there’s a lot of work going into our singing and it shows in every rehearsal. Thanks everyone.

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